Birth Center

Inside Thrive Birth Center

Our center, situated in a quiet corner of Sonoma County, is a warm and inviting space where you can come to receive holistic midwifery care whether you’re planning a water birth in your home, at the center, or birthing in the hospital. Our birth center is staffed by Licensed Midwives who specialize in honoring the woman’s body and inherent birth knowledge, quality care, and the experience of the whole family. We offer luxurious birth suites with deep water birth tubs, large enough to accommodate two adults, and we are one of the only facilities in Sonoma County specializing in water birth. If you’ve already had a child, know that they are always welcome at the center, whether it’s during a prenatal visit in one of our family exam rooms or in your birth suite while you labor. After your birth, we have lactation consultants and midwives ready to provide you and your baby attentive postpartum care in your home, the way it should be, so that you can heal and focus on bonding with your new baby.


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Eco-friendly Birth Center

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Our center is not only a nurturing place; it’s a nurtured space.  We are a green business that focuses on healthy sustainable practices. We used earth-friendly materials to build the center, including low/no VOC paints, bamboo flooring, and mud walls. Our linens are organic when possible, and are sterilized with heat, not toxic chemicals. We use eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products, which are both safe and effective at eliminating bacteria and viruses from our center.  We use aloe vera gel instead of blue doppler gel, we use organic nitrile gloves, and washable/reusable under pads. Local small businesses and artisans make many of the products found in our Mama Marketplace. We also recycle and use electronic health records to save trees.

What does it mean to Birth Local?

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When you choose to have your baby at Thrive, whether you are choosing to birth at home or within our center, your money generates the local economy. We are an independent free standing birth center, not a part of a larger corporation with headquarters outside of Sonoma County. The money that you invest into your birth experience is filtered back into the region through our midwives, our educators and our practitioners. In this matter, your choice in where you birth your family feeds all sectors of the local economy and is truly an investment into your families community. One of the ways we can promote our region is by being proud members of the GoLocal cooperative of Sonoma County. We are active participants in cooperative because we believe in the “network of locally owned businesses, residents, non-profit organizations and government agencies working together to build a resilient, thriving, locally economy.” Join us, birth local, and love our region!