There is a design inherent in all of nature. Just as a tiny redwood seed is designed to sprout and become a 200 foot tree, human beings also have a design. With every aspect of nature, there are elements in the environment that either allow for optimal growth, or they inhibit that growth. Just as with every other aspect of nature, pregnancy and the birth of a child are impacted by elements in the environment. Thrive Center for Birth & Family Wellness provides all the elements of a nurturing environment designed for the optimal growth and ongoing wellness of a thriving family. Allow us to provide this optimal environment for you.
Santa Rosa’s Premier Center for Birth
4859 Old Redwood Highway,
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

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Birth Center

A beautiful, peaceful, and nurturing environment to give birth in with licensed healthcare providers. Read More

Educational Center

Offering a variety of classes, groups, and events designed to prepare and support your family to Thrive. Read More

Mama Marketplace

A boutique offering natural, wholesome, and environmentally friendly products that mamas and babies will love. Read More