Thrive Birth

In choosing to have you baby at Thrive, you will be offered all of the comforts and amenities of home with the added luxury of enjoying our beautiful sanctuary of a birth center. You will be greeted by one of your midwives when you feel you are ready to come and get settled into the space. You are welcome to come as early or as late as you would like to in your labor.

When you arrive, you will have the freedom to move as you like, listen to your music, eat your own food and invite any family or friends that you need or want for support.

Your midwives will stay with you throughout your entire labor, and will support you in what ever ways you need. Thrive midwives are trained in a variety of comfort techniques, and will ensure that you are getting the loving care that you need.

You are free to labor in any position that you would like to. Your Midwife will continue to monitor you and your baby throughout your stay here. Once it is time to deliver your baby, your midwives will be ready to help you gently welcome your baby into the world. You may birth in any position that you desire, be it the birth tub, birth stool, bed or bathroom!

Once you have delivered, your midwife will tuck you, your baby, and your partner into bed, and allow you the very important time to bond together as a family. They will continue to non- invasively monitor you.

Once you have had time to rest and eat, an exam will be preformed on you and your baby to ensure that you are both in perfect health and ready to head home.

Most families stay at Thrive for 4-6 hours after the birth. A midwife will follow up with you and see you at your home in 24 hours and at 3-5 days. We will also see you back at the birth center for a 2 week, 4 week and 6 week postpartum visits.