There are very few supportive options in Sonoma County where women can go to have a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

The Midwives at Thrive all have years of experience offering women the freedom to labor naturally and give birth to their babies after a surgical delivery. When you come in for an initial  visit with the midwives at Thrive, we will review your health history, your current pregnancy and talk with you about your last birth. We will also want to review your medical records and confirm that you are a good candidate for a out-of-hospital VBAC.

ACOG ( American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology) guidelines regarding VBAC states:

“The concept of a repeat c-section should be replaced by a specific decision process between the patient and care provider.

In the absence of a contraindication, a women with one previous Caesarean with a lower segment incision should be counseled and encouraged to undergo a trial of labor.”

The decision making process between you and your midwife will include discussion about the risks and befits of choosing an out-of-hospital birth and educating you on the safety and facts about VBAC.

“The risk of uterine rupture after one prior low transverse cesarean is 0.4% – 1% depending on whether the VBAC labor is spontaneous, augmented or induced (Landon, 2004). Spontaneous means labor begins naturally. Induced means the woman is not in labor and is given a drug to try to start labor Augmentation means labor has already begun and drugs are used to make the labor progress more quickly.” – VBAC Facts

We believe in your right to choose where and with whom to give birth with. Please contact Thrive to talk more about your birthing options.

www.vbacfacts.com  A well researched site that gives unbiased information about VBAC

www.ICAN-online.org  International Cesarean Awareness Network

www.uptodate.com   Physicians reference site