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The Value Of Midwifery Care

Again and again, we hear from clients why they chose midwifery care over hospital care. Here are they are:

  1. Individualized clinical care in a accessible practice
  2. Hour long prenatal visits
  3. Continuity of care during labor and delivery
  4. Safe Birth Outcomes
  5. In-Home Postpartum Care and Lactation Support


Safe, Affordable and Gentle Care For Mom and Baby. The World Health Organization consistently

supports midwifery care because the statistics reflect what we know and practice at Thrive; births

attended by midwives have lower infection rates, lower C-section rates, fewer complications, and

healthier outcomes – thus, lower overall medical costs.


Thrive is a lush and professional space, one where families know that the care they receive before,

during, and after birth will have a dramatic affect on the health of the whole family. In the UK, The

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has made sweeping recommendations for

mothers with low-risk pregnancies to birth out of hospital. Let’s explore why this works at Thrive.


Hour Long, Family Centered Prenatal Visits with Licensed Midwives. We use these visits to

discuss mother and infant health, physical exams, emotional and nutritional counseling, perinatal

education. We answer ALL of your questions while having ample time to get to know you and your

birth partner. Our care is based on your body, your needs, and your desires.


Evidence Based Care And The Midwifery Model Of Care. The Midwives Model of Care is based on

the fact that pregnancy and birth are normal life processes. We provide:

  • Monitoring of the physical, psychological, and social well-being of the mother throughout the childbearing cycle
  • Individualized education, counseling, and prenatal care, continuous hands-on assistance during labor and delivery, and postpartum support
  • Minimizing of technological interventions
  • Identifying and referring women who require obstetrical attention
  • Thrive Midwives collaborate with clients to achieve informed consent regarding every aspect of clinical care; resulting in an informed clientele base who feel respected and empowered as they step into parenthood

The application of this woman-centered model of care has been proven to reduce the incidence of birth

injury, trauma, and cesarean section.


Highly Trained Midwives for Normal Pregnancies. A midwife is a trained professional with special

expertise in supporting women to maintain a healthy pregnancy and birth, offering expert individualized

care, education, counseling and support to a woman and her newborn throughout the childbearing cycle.

A midwife works with each woman and her family to identify their unique physical, social and emotional

needs. When the care required is outside the midwife’s scope of practice or expertise, the woman is

referred to other health care providers for additional consultation or care.


We are midwives who are trained in the art and science of birth. We are experts in low risk

pregnancies, VBACs, and natural birth.


Services and Fees

Midwifery Service:

We follow the standard pregnancy calendar for your prenatal visits

  • Once every 4 weeks until 28 weeks gestation
  • Once every 2 weeks from 28-36 weeks gestation
  • Once a week from 36 weeks until delivery

All tests and procedures are discussed, options are presented and your choices are respected

Initial Exam (1.5 hours):

  • Take your complete medical history
  • Draw your blood and take cultures as necessary or request copies of records
  • Perform a complete prenatal exam which includes:
    • Blood pressure and pulse
    • Weight
    • Urinalysis
    • Assessing baby’s size, position and amniotic fluid levels
    • Listening to baby’s heart
  • Engage in a comprehensive personalized discussion regarding healthy life style choices, including nutrition, exercise, rest, stress reduction, what to avoid, as well as natural remedies for pregnancy discomforts

Subsequent Prenatal Exams (each lasting about 1 hour):

  • Perform a complete prenatal exam
  • Discuss your nutrition based on individual needs and practices
  • Inquire into your pregnancy-related health concerns and give recommendations
  • Answer all your questions and address any worries
  • Follow-up with necessary blood work and cultures

Labor Support At The Center

  • Labor support as needed
  • All necessary medical equipment to monitor and care for you and your baby
  • A large birth suite with all the comforts of home
  • A large birthing tub
  • Breastfeeding support
  • A complete newborn exam performed within a few hours of the birth
  • A discussion on normal newborn behavior, self care instructions, instructions on
  • when to call us with concerns – before leaving the center
  • Most families stay for 4 to 6 hours after their baby is born

Labor Support For Homebirth 

  • Labor support as needed
  • All necessary medical equipment to monitor and care for you and your baby
  • A portable birthing tub
  • Breastfeeding support
  • A complete newborn exam performed within a few hours of the birth
  • A discussion on normal newborn behavior, when to call us with concerns, as well
  • as mother and baby care for postpartum recovery
  • A home visit a month before your due date

Postpartum Care:

We provide care for the first six weeks after the birth of your baby

  • On-call support 24 hours a day for the entire 6-week postpartum period for any
  • concerns you may have
  • Postpartum exams in your home at:
    • 1 day after birth
    • 3-5 days
    • 7-10 days
  • Postpartum exams at the center at:
    • 3 weeks
    • 6 weeks
  • Unlimited breastfeeding support
  • Discussions regarding family adjustment and development
  • Family planning consultation
  • Postpartum depression support and resources


The Question of Fees and Insurance :


Insurance is always a tricky yet essential question. Thrive has chosen to limit the amount of clients each month to ensure special attention and individualized care to every birthing family. We provide comprehensive clinical care throughout pregnancy and postpartum time. To provide this quality of care we have chosen not to contract with insurance companies. This means we can only bill insurance plans that include out-of-network benefits.

When looking into insurance we find the best reimbursements come from plans that have a low out-of-network deductible, that allow birth centers or homebirth, and Licensed Midwives (L.M.) or Certified Practicing Midwives (C.P.M.).


We believe in educating our clients about their choices every step of the way, including financial agreements. We offer three types of financial agreements for our midwifery services.

The first utilizes a shared cost model. For clients that have a preferred provider organization (PPO) insurance plan, this means we charge a reduced rate of $6,500 for our midwifery services. Thrive then submits claims for reimbursement once care is complete (at 6 weeks postpartum), if the insurance company issues a reimbursement it would go directly to Thrive and not to the client. We have found that the majority of our clients choose the shared cost model. It simplifies having to deal with the hassle of insurance, negotiating and waiting for reimbursements, and makes it clear what their out of pocket expense is. If paid in full by the 2nd prenatal appointment clients receive a $250 gift certificate towards Thrive classes and products.

The second is specific for clients that have health maintenance organization (HMO) insurance plan. If the client has an HMO insurance plan the fee for midwifery services is $7,000. If paid in full by the 2nd prenatal appointment clients receive a $500 discount and $250 gift certificate towards Thrive classes and products.

The third is where the clients are responsible for the full midwifery service fee of $8,500, this is generally used with clients that do not have insurance or have an extremely good insurance plan and can expect a high reimbursement amount. Thrive does not submit insurance claims for clients that choose this agreement, though we are happy to provide recommendations for an independent medical biller to use. If paid in full by the 2nd prenatal appointment clients receive a $1,000 discount and receive a $250 gift certificate towards Thrive classes and products.


We ask for $2,000 when you begin care, $400 pays for the Initial Midwifery Intake appointment, $1,600 is a non-refundable deposit. If you are not able to pay the full deposit up front please let us know so we can work out other arrangements. Thrive offers up to a 12 month payment plan with 0% interest. All monthly payments are set up as an automatic draft from either a bank account or card of your choice (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover). Payments are debited on the 15th of each month unless special arrangements have been made.