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Watermelon Cooler Recipe For Families

When it’s this hot, there is one person that Thrive staff tend to turn to~ Tessa Mancini Gillen, our lovely nutritionist, herbalist, and local foodie. If you’ve met Tessa in person, you’ll know that she always carries a large woven basket filled with homemade nutritious treats and jars of yummy hydrating juices and coolers. Yesterday, around the 93 degree peak in Santa Rosa, we reached out to Tessa to see what she was drinking. Watermelon Cooler Recipe, she says? Yes please!

Watermelon Cooler photo-2

Servings: 2

Muddle a handful of mint with the juice from one lime. In a small blender, puree two cups of cubed watermelon. Add the puree to the muddled lime/mint combo and add 1 TBS chia seeds. Add ice, and garnish with a lime wedge, slice of watermelon, or mint. Enjoy! 

*Watermelon can be cubed and frozen in advance for extra coolness! For more of Tessa’s recipes for families, check out our class or event schedule on our calendar.