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I was all set to deliver at Kaiser, which my insurance from work fully covered, but as my pregnancy progressed, something important was missing from their care and I found myself pressured by and arguing with them when they didn’t respect my carefully researched decisions. I found myself dreading and afraid of the hospital birth. The Thrive Birth Center practices a totally different model of care, where they support mamas emotionally as well as physically, they respect mama’s choices without judgement and where birth is revered and celebrated, not endured. I paid out of pocket to switch my care to Thrive and was SO glad I did – their guidance and care shifted the experience for me from one I feared to one of the highlights of my life.

Caitlin is an absolutely wonderful midwife and I was so glad I chose her and her fantastic team (I worked with Jasmine, Rebecca, Amber, Shelton, Kelly and Sara) to care for me and help me deliver my little baby. I wanted a midwifery team I could really trust in so I could let my guard down and labor without fear (less pain!), knowing I could rely on them. Besides having an immediate sense of connection and confidence in Caitlin and Jasmine when I first met them, they got to know me and genuinely cared about so many aspects of my well being and birth wishes over the course of our prenatal appointments that I knew they would be there for me no matter what and that they would know and respect exactly what I needed without my having to direct anything when I was otherwise occupied during labor.

Jasmine stayed up all night with me during labor and literally held my hand (and my hip bones!) through each contraction for hours, enabling me to focus and dilate beautifully and quickly. Caitlin’s soothing presence kept me calm while I pushed and through a few anxious moments when my baby locked her arms coming out, but they knew exactly what to do and did it so quickly and calmly that I didn’t know until afterwards that it was a problem. After the birth, they made me my dream meal, cleaned my entire house and set out everything I might need as I adjusted to being a mama. They checked in on me often that first week and I felt so loved and supported and ready to be with my new baby – It was fantastic!

The Thrive team has a number of distinct advantages over independent midwives, while providing the same benefits. They are a larger team of highly skilled specialists that each mama gets to benefit from. Besides having several amazing midwives, Rebecca, an excellent lactation consultant, comes to your home 1-3 days after birth to help you with any nursing issues. Before birth, Sara helps you with yoga and any body aches and Tessa revamps your nutrition. Their classes are the highest quality preparation in the area, making most other birth preparation and newborn care classes out there look a bit silly in comparison. After baby comes, they provide support groups and mama + baby yoga classes so you can continue to be part of the same supportive Thrive community. They also offer birth suites at Thrive, if you don’t have a bathtub or home you want to birth in, which are beautiful with giant tubs, cushy beds, kitchenettes, private bathrooms and everything else you and your family could need while you’re there.

I’m so glad I got to know the wonderful women at Thrive and that I got to share this incredible experience with them. Brava, Thrive!


I cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience giving birth at Thrive with Caitlin and her team. This was my second child and I was excited to have a non-hospital birth, and I felt comfortable the whole way through in Caitlin’s hands. She has such a gentle confidence and nurturing spirit, and really showed her innate talent as a midwife on our delivery day — a supportive presence to support my own ability, but at the same time came in with some of her midwifery skills when I needed them post-birth. Giving birth in the tub was amazing and I loved being able to have my older child there in the room, which Caitlin was nothing but supportive of. Post-partum, Caitlin and her team (Jasmine, Rebecca) offered such wonderful in-home care., and were genuinely dedicated to making sure our new lil one and new family dynamic was thriving. On our last follow-up appointment with Caitlin, it was like saying goodbye to a friend — bittersweet! This is probably our last child but if we had another we would definitely return to Thrive.


Hands down the best and only option for me. The Midwives are now part of my new family. They were there for the most important, transformative experience of my life and they’ll be there when baby two comes into this world. Love, love, love them.


I feel in some ways like they helped me hang the moon. I know they say that my experience is the norm as far as they’re concerned, but it’s really not the norm in our society, so I feel very lucky to have had such fantastic birth experiences. I recommend them to anyone looking for a midwife!


The ladies…were all stars throughout the whole pregnancy and birth. They answered all of my silly questions, even the ones I could have looked up in their all inclusive manual myself, at all times of the day (though I did try not to call at unreasonable times). They were warm and encouraging, and flexible (coming to me when it was more convenient for my husband and I who were also trying to fix up and move into a new house the last trimester!) I loved my checkup visits, seems weird to say/write out loud but I looked forward to their warm hands on my tummy, softly and securely feeling around for my baby. It was like a wonderful massage for my baby and me! The birth was amazing, They were there in my living room, encouraging and checking, patiently waiting until the “action” started and once it did, though I was in a haze, emotionally and physically (it being one am and all!), I was still amazed by their professionalism and expedience. It was like, I had just given birth and steped out of the pool and then I looked back and it was all taken down, and then I was on the couch, my familiar couch, with my baby, Ellanor, breast feeding for the first time and the ladies guided my husband in cutting the cord, then I was getting stiches in my bed, and I woke up the next day, next to my husband, Ellanor in my clutches, to a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving day! So glad I chose them and I would do it again, and will for our next pregnancy.


Nutrition Testimonials

I am an overworked individual who doesn’t have time to shop for healthy food, much less cook it at the end of a long day. When I met Tessa, it was such a blessing to have her work with me on my food situation. On top of being overworked, I needed to lose a few pounds. We worked out a plan that flowed so perfectly. Weekly, she would drop off the most gorgeous and healthy food that would last me all week. I even had enough to share!

She since has started creating incredible food for our monthly events at my spa and she even is doing some of the lunches for our retreats.

Her creativity, calm spirit, deep knowledge of healthy foods and joy all lend itself to one fantastic experience in working with Tessa.

Annie CaroubaBliss Organic Day SpaSebastopol, CA

Tessa’s therapeutic nutrition practice is an incredible asset to our community.  I’ve attended two of her classes, and I absolutely love learning from her!  She is very experienced and extremely knowledgable.  Her passion for health and helping others holistically, really shines in the foods she prepares, as well as the positive and relaxed environment she creates.  The vibrant spread of food was unparalleled, pure & medicinal deliciousness!  She introduced me to many new and exciting recipes that are now a part of my daily life.  I know that I have the tools to prepare for a healthy pregnancy after attending her Prenatal & Postpartum nutrition class.  I am deeply grateful for the services she provides.  She’s one of the most lovely people I’ve met, inside and out.  With Tessa on your side, all of your health and wellness goals are well within reach!

Avery Lamar

Holistic Childbirth Prep Workshop Testimonials

To the dad’s out there: take this class with your wife/significant other!  Kelly spent a lot of time explaining the role dad plays in the process.  I was nervous/unsure about what, if any role I would have but Kelly really reinforces the idea that delivery is a family event and helped us understand all the emotional and physical support mom needs throughout the process and how dad can best provide that support.  Mom is definitely the star of the show, but dad is an important role-player and it was very empowering for me to learn how to maximize my benefit to her.

Mike M., Dad

We recently took the 2 day holistic birthing class at Thrive.  It was a fantastic class.  There was great information presented in a relaxed environment.  There were important discussions for both families birthing at the center and families going the hospital route. My husband and I felt more connected after the relaxation exercises and feel the class helped us  mentally prepare the upcoming birth of our daughter.

Sommer O., Mama