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Sonoma County's Birth Center


Jerred Kiloh – Co-Founder & Owner


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Thrive Founder and Business Owner

In 2015, the British National Health Service made significant recommendations that women with low risk pregnancies are advised to birth out of a hospital setting. I opened a Thrive Birth Center in 2014 because I believe that midwifery care is good for mothers, good for babies, good for partners, good for everyone.  I believe I have a moral obligation as a business owner to invest into businesses that empower and strengthen communities through cost saving measures, evidence based care, and bolstering the local economy. I see making birth centers successful as my moral obligation.

Thrive Birth Center, which is unique in that it is a Licensed Midwifery Birth Center staffed by midwives, practitioners and educators, is the future of maternity care, not only in California but the nation. Thrive offers safe, quality maternity care in a sanctuary like setting. Families who choose to birth at Thrive are diverse but their common thread is that they are well informed and looking for an experience out of the hospital that is safe and secure. Thrive’s statistics back up the UK’s recommendations; Thrive families are indeed thriving and they have exceptional success at achieving low intervention births, vaginal birth after cesarean, and sustained breastfeeding relationships. This isn’t just good for one family at a time, this feeds our local economy and directly impacts our community members from the very start of their lives.