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Kelly Gray – Center Coordinator

Director of Wisdom & Movement Center

Kelly Gray

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Kelly is also the Center Coordinator at Thrive and run Thrive’s education center, and when she’s not sitting on a birth ball with a model pelvis in her hands, she’s creating forums to raise awareness and expand access to midwifery options in Sonoma County. Kelly teaches the popular Holistic Childbirth Prep Class at Thrive and the LUMA Center. Her focus on hormones and the mind~body connection, intimacy and building trust during birth, sets her teaching apart from the standard birth class- participants leave feeling excited and confident about birthing their family. As a certified UC Naturalist, Kelly also brings knowledge of nature and the capability and desire of our animal bodies to birth with peace, calm and connection.

Kelly has written an on-going column about reproductive experiences in SQUAT Birth Journal and has been included in the anthology Birth Work As Care Work.  She was one of the founders of the Bay Area Doula Project, and prior to birth work, worked for a decade as a community and union organizer within public sector hospitals which gives her a unique perspective into advocacy and healthcare policy. She enjoys a seat on the Board of Thrive’s non-profit Friends of Thrive, which works to secure funding for low income families choosing to birth out of hospital. One of her favorite projects at Thrive is working on the zine, as she believes storytelling and story-listening have the power to transform communities.  She is happiest when she is with her daughter and dog in the woods, taking photographs of mushrooms and forest life, or eating a meal cooked by her partner.