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Kelly Gray – Director of Perinatal Education & Community Outreach

Director of Wisdom & Movement Center

Kelly Gray

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The birth of my daughter in 2009 not only brought a fiery little girl into my life, but also lit a fire within me to support women and families in a way that I myself had not been supported. Over the two days in which my labor unfolded, I became deeply connected to all the reproductive experiences that were shaping my daughter’s birth and my birth as a mother.

As a birth worker, I bring this connection to our past and future. I believe that the experiences we have lived as women and the stories we hear from other women deeply affect our births, and as an educator and doula I work to help create birth stories that are empowered, strong and self aware. Whether I am attending a birth, or teaching women about the hormones that our bodies create to allow us to birth our children, I believe in a women’s inherent right and ability to birth her child her way.

Prior to 2009, I spent a decade as a community and union organizer for healthcare professionals. My days were spent asking people to challenge authority and to create a new vision for their work environment that was based on collaboration, advocacy, and personal power. Becoming a certified doula and a childbirth educator was an easy and natural next step.

Since 2009, I’ve had the honor of helping hundreds of women and their families connect with their bodies, their personal narratives, and their babies. As a full spectrum doula, I have supported women not only through pregnancy, birth and new parenthood, but through pregnancy loss and termination as well. As an educator, my focus is to simply remind women how to birth, to bring a bright light to the birthing body’s tremendous ability, and to help families explore intimacy and initiation. I’ve been lucky enough to volunteer with amazing organizations that serve teen mothers, incarcerated women, homeless and under-served families. At the same time, my work as a professional doula and educator has allowed me to support many families through their home births and hospital births, and all the ways they choose to birth and create families- from queer moms to hypnobirthing to solo parenting. In addition to supporting pregnant and birthing families throughout the Bay Area, I am also exploring the study of death midwifery.  I see this work as another side of the same coin as my birth work, in that this is another step in helping families lay claim to all of our most transformative biological, emotional, spiritual (and often heavily logistical) experiences, which we will all have: life and death, and everything in between.